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Fun links for the Month of May

Obituary for Andrew M. Weiner (1958–2024)

Andrew Weiner was a seminal figure in ultrafast optics, whom I regret never having had the chance to meet in person, but from whom I have learned much through his papers on pulse shaping and frequency domain quantum optics. It was inspiring to read about how he pivoted his career in a new direction approximately once every 10 years.

What Is Inside A Bank Card A Bank Card Is Dissolved In Acetone To Reveal The Hidden Technology

Fun video on showing how electromagnetic induction is used in one of the most important everyday objects! I was especially intrigued to learn that the credit is able to work passively by using the electromagnetic induction to power the RFID chip.

Why does this forest look like a fingerprint?

This is a slightly random piece of "investigative journalism" on YouTube. The video starts by tackling a specific and peculiar question, but as it unfolds, it reveals a broader, deeper lesson. This reminds me of science, where asking the right specific question can lead to deeper insights.

The advice they don't give you

Great advice for assistant professors: he points out that it's important to prioritize enjoying the job, even though it's easy to get buried by the stress and deadlines.

Zombie mortgages are coming back to life

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